Michael Obodozie, The Voice is a Master of Ceremony who creates unforgettable experiences by  understanding the vision and purpose of any event as he leverages humor, time management, and organizational skills to create an atmosphere that is fun and relaxing for the guests, and organizers.

He was born in Houston, Texas to Nigerian parents who soon returned to Nigeria where he spent most of his childhood and teenage life. He later returned to the United States and served in the US Army, including two combat tours in-support of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. These experiences have given him a unique perspective on life and a respect for diversity which have equipped him with the ability to masterfully host or anchor various types of events such as wedding receptions, concerts, product launches, and conferences, regardless of the cultural background or nature of the event. His excellent oratory skills, confidence and ability to improvise make him one of the best in the business.

As an experienced and skillful Master of Ceremony, he works with celebrants or event sponsors, planners and other vendors to understand the event plan and all contingencies so, that he is in full control of the flow and energy during the event. Being part of this process allows for a smooth flow, proper transitions and adjustments as needed without alerting the guests of any changes in the program.

If you need a professional with a touch of class, I believe your search ends here........

In his words, "Keep Calm & Let Me MC."......See you soon!!!!